How the Fashion industry changed over the years

In as much as you experience changes in Women’s fashion trends, fashion, in general, has been a cyclic trend with a number of trends coming back with a few changes made to them. If we go back as far as the early 1900s, we see the beginning of fashion trends in Paris with the rise of the Haute Couture. Parisian designs were coveted by the upper class and they would feature a lot in the horse races. Fast forward to the 1920s after the world war, many of the designs maintained a slightly masculine touch, with loose shapeless fits, it is about this time that Gabrielle Chanel rose to prominence as a designer. About the 1920s, fashion became rebellious with more flesh being shown, short dresses were the in thing and hair was also kept short. The 1930s through to 40s had nothing much to offer as the world was at war and clothing was more functional and “fashional” more like the style from 1914 when the world was at war.

The end of the Second World War brought with it a big change in the fashion world, Christian Dior revisited the 1900s but edited the designs a bit, women’s fashion was more feminine with more fabric for long dresses and tight-fitting waistcoats. Nylon Polyester and acrylic were commonly used fabric. This was the birth of the consumer market with film playing a big role in influencing fashion.

Enter the colourful years, the 1960s introduced the bell bottoms, tie and die clothes as well as the leather clothing and miniskirts. Fashion was being led by the youth and they were having fun with a lot of fashion trends. At this point, supermodels became prominent with Twiggy one of the biggest fashion icons. The 1970s brought with them the disco craze with tight fitting shiny clothes being the trend and more short skirts and shorts. The 80s then brought about bigger fashion icons from pop stars, movie stars and princes Diana, it was the introduction of designer clothing and showing off rich lifestyle.

The 90s evolved into a more laidback decade for fashion with neutral colours being more popular, black, grey and brown were common and clothes were not too tight. And now we have the 2000s which are really the true evidence of the Cyclic nature of fashion, the flared jeans, are from the days of bell bottoms, the boho hippie look is from the same decade and they are all popularised by celebrities.

Over these decades, there are people who have greatly influenced the fashion trends as more and more people would like to be like them.

3 Women Who Have Influenced Fashion

Twiggy, the fashion model from the 1960s was a very big influence of fashion trends, she is actually the one who made most women believe being slim is sexy and most trendy women would wear the kind of clothes she would wear and try to be as small as her.

In the 1980s and 90s, Princes Diana was the new fashion icon, the fact that she was a Princess made it much easier for her to set the trends and fashion designers like Versace maintained close relationships with her because she had the power to make people like their designs.

Currently, bloggers actually have the most influence on fashion trends. According to a recent survey, Chiara Ferragni is the most influential fashion blogger, she has over 3 million followers on Instagram and is popular both in Europe and America, a lot of fashion conversations are derived from her site and her posts on social media. Many designers respect her for the power she has to get women to buy particular things.


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