My Favourite Silver Foxes

Nothing compares to silver fox when it comes to dapper and discerning gentlemen. You can borrow this from men who are ensuring the grey appears like the most recent black. In the past, grey hair appeared very undesirable and a sign of old age, however, it now appears that silver tresses are really a recent hair trend. Here is a list of my favourite “silver foxes.”

George Timothy Clooney.

Clooney was born on May 6, 1961. He is an American director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and activist. He has been awarded 3 Golden Globe Awards as recognition for his acting prowess as well as 2 Academy Awards, one for producing and the other one for acting. His first television debut was in the year 1978, and afterwards acquired broad recognition on the medical drama known as ‟ER″ from 1994-1999. In this drama, he played as Dr. Doug Ross. In the year 2009, George was featured in the Times annual among the 100 most influential individuals in the globe. He is also renowned as a messenger of peace for the United Nations and also a political activist.

Eric Dane.

Born in November 9 in the year 1972, this American actor featured in TV roles all through the 2000s. He was featured in the TV series ‟Greyʼs Anatomy″, and played the role of Dr.Mark Sloan. Presently, he featured in the drama ‟The Last Ship″ playing the role of Commander Tom Chandler. Eric made headlines after starring in a nude tape together with Karl Ann Peniche as well as his wife.

Gerard Butler.

This Scottish actor was born in November, 1969 and has made appearances on television, stage, and film. He studied law and later turned to acting during the mid-1990s with small appearances in productions like‟ Mrs. Brown″, Tale of the Mummy″, and ‟Tomorrow Never Dies″ in the James Bond film. Gerard has expressed concern in purchasing a Scottish castle. During interviews, he has clearly stated that he doesn’t drink alcohol.

Even though there is an alternative of dyeing grey hair black, remaining natural can really make wonders. If you still do not understand what a silver fox actually is, check out this article I found from Bargain Crazy, a part of the Littlewoods Clearance Family.


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