How to Mix and Match Attires With The Winter Coat

Fashion depends on various factors such as time, weather, environment and many others. Winter fashion is significantly different from other weather fashion due to the extreme low temperatures. One needs to keep warm so as maintain optimum health. The first item to shop for your winter attires is a good winter coat. Here’s a great article on how to choose the perfect coat.

After getting a good warm coat, it’s necessary to buy the other outfits that you can mix and match with your winter coats. This guide will assist you on what factors to consider when buying outfits to mix and match with the winter coat. This will help you get ready for the winter season which is right about the corner.

1. Leggings

Leggings can be combined with many other outfits. They are perfect for providing warmth, sometimes even better than pants. In winter, get heavy leggings that will have the capacity to keep you warm. One can get different color leggings so as to remain fashion forward even in the cold season.

Since most leggings are black in colour, a lady can till pull out classic black and white outfit. This can be by wearing a black long winter coat, a white top or sweater, the leggings and some classic black boots. This outfit will keep you warm and make you look fashionable.

2. Boots

Boots are very practical in winter. This is because most boots are designed to keep your legs warm and most are waterproof. They can be worn by both men and women. However, most women prefer knee high boots since they are most effective at keeping one warm.

It’s important to buy boots that will match with the colour of most of your outfits. If you are not sure which colours to buy, then stick to black or brown boots since they match with many other colours.

It is also advisable to buy winter boots that are practical other than just fashionable. This goes mostly for the ladies. It would be fine to buy high heeled boots in summer but in winter they will not serve you adequately. This doesn’t mean that you should buy for the dull and less appealing boots.

Due to snow, ensure that the boots have traction and do not weigh your feet down due to their weight. At the same time, ensure that they fit properly when you wear them with heavy socks. Boots can be worn with practically any winter outfit. However, its important to be keen on their colour so that you do not end up wearing red boots with a totally dull outfit.

3. Scarfs

Wearing a scarf is almost a must during winter. A scarf can be a perfect way to keep you warm and help you blend the colours of your outfit. Ensure to get a scarf which is big and thick enough to keep you warm.

To make sure that the scarf makes you outfit stand out, choose a scarf that is both functional and trendy. Most people prefer when the colour of the scarf complements the colour of their outfit. For example, a lady can wear a long red winter coat with a white top and use a scarf that has red and black patterns or red and white patterns.

4. Hats

Hats come in handy in winter especially due to the falling snow. They are also instruments in women attire as they enhance a lady’s appearance. The hat can be worn together with a scarf to keep one warm. When shopping for a hat, ensure to get one that is complementary to your winter coat.

Men can also wear hats during winter for the name reasons as women. However, for men, the major motivation towards getting a cap is usually for its practical benefits rather than its fashion statement. Just like for the boots, one should ensure to buy a hat whose colour does not clash with ones outfit.

5. Dresses

Winter does not spell the end of dresses for women, instead one should find a way to mix and match their favourite dresses with their winter coat. One way would be by wearing a skater dress with knee high boots and the long warm winter coat. This outfit can be embellished with a scarf whose colour matches the colour of the dress.

Cotton and woolen dresses are also perfect in winter. This is because they are good at insulation the body against heat loss thereby keeping one warm. These dresses can be worn with knee high socks so as to keep the feet warm especially when one is staying indoors.

Saving Money

To save money, one should make sure to shop around different stores. This will ensure that one gets the best deal for the same quality of an outfit. It is also advisable to take advantage of the stores offering discounts. This will help you get the outfit to match your winter coat at a low cost.

Another awesome way of saving is that when shopping online, you can use a discount code However; before you use the discount code, make sure you have read the detailed terms and conditions of the offer before you use the code.

When shopping online, there is an option of subscribing to the company’s mailing list. This is important because if there are any offers or details of anything new, you can be among the first people to know. This is a brilliant way of shopping in that you are able to take advantage of crazy offers being offered by the different companies. You will also be able to choose on the most pocket friendly winter coat.

During summer, you find that not so many people shop for winter jackets simply because it is still sunny .This is the best time to shop a winter jacket months before the arrival of winter. This makes it easier to find a cheaper winter coat since they are not in high demand.


All in all, it is easy to get a pocket friendly winter coat and at the same time dress in fashion. With the above tips, you are at a better position on picking the attire that looks elegant and matching. I believe that you can get fancy and still save money.


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